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  WICKED CHAOS is a Mature Casually Hardcore Progression Raiding Guild. "Mature" meaning that we are looking for mature people to play and raid with us.  While we are respectful of all the individuals in the guild, we do not want to censor our jokes or beheld responsible for corrupting a young mind.  We have also been around as a Raiding guild for a long time and have no plans of going anywhere.  "Casual" because we all have Real Lives, families, work etc.  As such we do not have weekly raid attendance as a requirement. For example we do not require you to raid 3 times a week but we DO expect you to be active, raiding once every other week will not allow you to progress as a player thus your chance at loot will diminish.  "Hardcore" because we do have an aggressive Schedule that for the most part has us raiding 5 days a week in some form.  Also, we work very hard to maximize our toons to the best of our ability by reading, learning and watching video's of the fights with a proven track record of success.  We do ask our members to have the desire to raid as much as possible and be willing to participate in an active raid if we need you. 

Example.  You were not able to make the raid time, hence did not sign up but you log on sometime after the raid starts to do your dailies.  We have someone drop the raid and you would be perfect to fill the spot.  A raid leader or officer sends you a tell to see if you have the time to come and help us.  You are NOT saved to the Raid (progression raids), you are not concerned if you missed bosses or loot and you know you can always finish your dailies LATER and join us in the raid without hesitation or making the group wait.

"Progression" is what we all want.  We want to see the endgame content and experience the challenge of a group working toward a common goal. We all understand that Progression means being at your best, in gearing your toon, learning your rotations and class.  We also understand that dying is a part of this game, trying a strategy, learning from it and trying it again until we succeed.  "Raiding" because that is exactly what we do!  While we all PVP from time to time, work on achievements, etc. Raiding is hands down our priority without exception.  You do as much as you are able.  "Guild" because we are a collection of like minded individuals working toward a common goal.  All of us understand that the goal is shared by all and we cannot accomplish that goal alone.  As such we are only as strong as our weakest link.  We make a great effort to help one another for Raiding purposes.  PVP gear help is not a priority for us, but if you need help for a PVE piece we are here to help.

With this said, it is important to note that in our Core Values is the desire to be unwaveringly equitable and fair to everyone.  As such we have raid sign ups by a first come first serve basis on our website.  Within reason of course, you are expected to be appropriately geared for the raid you sign up for.  We use an EPGP lootsystem, which is the best loot system that we have found.  It is comprised of EP (effort points) and GP (gear points).  These are used to determine your eligibility for loot.  Basically, how the system works is the more you participate in raids and for the betterment of the guild, the more gear you are likely to receive, all the while spreading the loot out evenly through out the guild WITHOUT an element of randomness.   More information is available in our Raid and Loot Information Page.

As with most Guilds, we have an initiate process.  It requires that you fill out an application on the website and are interviewed/reviewed by a Recruiter or Officer.  You will then be conditionally invited into the guild as a Recruit rank.  To attain Member status is very easy!  We require that you accumulate 2000ep (Easily done in 1 to 3 raids) depending on how active you are, at which point your EP (Effort Points) are reset to ZERO (0) and you will be charged 150gp (Gear Points) effectively putting you at the bottom as far as PR (Priority). You must have a minimum of 1000ep to roll on loot after the reset. Since PR (Priority) is determined by dividing your EP (Effort Points) by your GP (Gear Points) it will then be up to you to raid and build up your EP (Effort Points) to raise your PR. Effort Points are accumulated based on signing up for raids and being ontime and in the zone ready to go with your pots, killing bosses or making attempts on bosses and staying until the raid is finished. You only get GP when you actually win GEAR. The only exception to being charged 150gp at the start of your reset would be if in one of the raids that you are in as a recruit you happen to win a piece of gear that everyone else passed on then whatever gp you had accrued at that point would be your starting GP. 

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